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Iced Southern Coffee Three Ways

Iced Southern Coffee Three Ways

by Amy Boyett May 21, 2019 1 Comment

Two things are synonymous with a southern summer, cold drinks and porch swings. We thought we would help y'all out with the cold drinks part. Below are three great iced coffee drink recipes for y'all to try out! So, grab your favorite fresh southern coffee and start brewing. Y'all make the recipe of your choice, sit back on the swing and sip for awhile.

Iced Coffee Three Ways

The Sinner

  • Brew a cup of Heritage Roast Coffee and allow it to cool 
  • Fill a mason jar with ice
  • Add about 1-2 Tablespoons of Condensed milk
  • Fill jar with your cooled coffee
  • Sprinkle with cinnamon or cardamom, and give it a good stir

  The Saint 

  • Brew a cup of Dark Roast Coffee and allow to cool
  • Fill a mason jar half way with cooled coffee
  • Add Honey 1-2 teaspoons of honey depending on the level of sweetness you like
  • Fill the jar almost to the top with ice
  • Stir in milk to your liking



Somewhere In-between

  • Brew a cup of High Cotton Coffee and allow to cool
  • Fill a mason jar with ice
  • Add 1/4 cup extra chocolaty milk
  • Fill the jar the rest of the way with remaining coffee
  • Mix and enjoy!

Amy Boyett
Amy Boyett


1 Response

Laura Cieglo
Laura Cieglo

June 29, 2019

These sound amazingZ I believe I’ll serve these to my #foreveralacebride #servingyall #southerncoffeeservices #itsasouthernthing

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