Making a difference in our local community.

Brewin' the Future, one cup at a time.

It is out passion to be the change our local Mississippi communities need.

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Local coffee just tastes better...

At Southern Coffee Services, we are dedicated to our Mississippi community and are demonstrating that by creating a source for local jobs and locally made goods. Our home in Lexington, MS is growing, and so is our team. We are providing opportunities in some of the most underserved areas of Mississippi by creating coffees and teas that shine light on our wonderful community.

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Local Coffee, Local Jobs

"We are excited to work with the people of Lexington" said Chuck Lovorn, CEO of Chenoa Coffee Company. "It is our core mission, to use our business efforts to revitalize and strengthen our local businesses through commerce and Southern Coffee Services will provide jobs and opportunities that are lacking in Holmes County. We want this to be a place where people can have a career, not just a job. We want people to be excited about their community and the company they work with. That is why we are working with local agencies to help people develop the skills we require and will allow them to shape Lexington's future."

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GIVING BACK - Coffee for Mississippi

Coffee for Mississippi collaborates with nonprofits, charities, and local causes by providing support subscription boxes to consumers. Each quarter, a percentage of the customers’ custom subscription boxes are donated to the charity box of their choosing. Locally roasted coffee supporting local community causes.

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Some people see an old run down building, we see the future of a community . Our building may not be much to look at now, but when we are finished it will be a world class roasting and distribution facility unlike anything in Mississippi.

Kickernick still has a lot of life left in her. We have already begun the renovation process and are now utilizing about 30 percent of our facility.  We currently run our warehousing and distribution services from this location.

AND Looking to the future.

We are growing with our community.  Our growth is directly connected to the support of our customers and partners across the South.  Every cup of Southern Coffee brings us closer and closer to the reality of a sustainable, community based industry, right here in Lexington, Mississippi.  We encourage everyone to join with us as we work for the people of Lexington.