What you can get from Home Delivery...

K-Cup® Compatible

Made fresh to order

Do you love simplicity? Are single serve coffee makers more your style?  Our Southern Singles Subscription is perfect for you! We pack each cup fresh to order to give you the freshest brews of your favorite roast.

Starting from: $16.00/month

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product image

Traditional 12 Cup Coffee Makers.

PRe-Portioned Packs

Our perfectly portioned packages are the easiest way to keep fresh coffee on hand all the time.  Experience that “fresh bag feeling” every time you open a new pack of our Pre-Portioned coffee...no measuring is required. Just perfect, fresh flavor every time!

Starting from: $49.95 /month

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Ground & Whole Bean - 12 oz. bags.

Our 12 oz Subscriptions are perfect for those who want total control over their coffee brew.  You can get ground or whole bean!  Fall in love with the rich, Southern aroma of your favorite freshly-roasted coffee every morning.

Starting from: $13.98 /month

Let's get started Y'all
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Frequently asked questions

How do I modify my subscription?

That's easy.  You simply login to your Southern Coffee Services account and make the changes online.  You can skip a delivery, add something new, edit/modify or cancel your Home Delivery subscription at any time.

What if I want to Cancel? 

Log on to your account and click the "Cancel Subscription" button.  Then you will be removed from our services.

When will my first order ship?

Your order will ship immediately after you place your order.  We will roast and ship your coffee on the same day each month.  

Is someone there to help me with my order?

Yes, if you need help, call our toll free number at: 800-795-3075 and we will be happy to help you.